Monday, October 31, 2016

SAL Update

It's been a while since I updated my progress on this piece. I kinda lost my stitch-y bug for a few days, so I really only started working on this again like two days ago. But, here's what I have so far.

My color woos continue, but I think it's fine. I stopped after the R in Residence because I'm not sure about the color. I might end up using the same blue I used at the top, or maybe the green from the trees. Or, I thought maybe the brown from the roof? I liked the blue for the top cause it was like the sky. So maybe the brown or green could be the dirt/grass? Opinions?

I ended up added Mo's Sale silk in Banana to the windows. I thought it kinda looked like lights on in the house. It is brighter than I'd like, but it's fine. I also over-stitched the door with Mo's silk in Northport. I didn't like the paler pink. It wasn't showing up enough. I also backstitched around the house with the roof color (Mocha) to make it stand out more. Ok. That's me so far. (^_^)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 2

Hey guys!

Here is my progress on day 2.  The top line is half done.  I would have gotten more stitched but last night I went to Horror Movie trivia and we won 2nd place!  It was a fun night :)

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Fun Little Stitch

I just love Lizzie Kate's patterns! I decided to get going on this little gem as is not only pretty but such a sweet sentiment. 
At Our House
I had subbed in different colours for the the Crescent Colours. 
For Caterpillar I am using DMC 4000 Variegates 
House Wine-Northport by Mo's Sale
Morning Glory-DMC 3807
Moss Green-Gumball by Mo's Sale
Really Teally-Bahamas by Mo's Sale
Ye Old Gold-Risen by Mo's Sale
DMC White-Lamb by Mo's Sale
Stitched on 32 ct. Vintage Mocha Belfast which I love to stitch on 💗
I hope you are all having a beautiful day!!

Becca xo

Lizzie Kate SAL Finish

This SAL is still open and on going , there's more updates to come and ya'll are more than welcome to join in at any time. NO time limits, NO pressure . Stitch at your leisure..... Come join this wonderful group of ladies.  I'm sure one of us will enable you ;)

Just wanted to update this. I got the LK framed now. I found a nice frame at a local second hand store. 
WooHoo Another finish for the year and looking forward to stitching some more in upcoming SALs.
  I didn't step outside the box on this one much. I did change some colors up if you read  my previous Post 1 and Post 2.
I truly enjoyed stitching this Lizzie Kate and may purchase others down the road.
Love how Bekka Stitches finished hers. Such  beautiful colors. Might have to try and stitch another one in variations this time ;)
I seen Heather Stitches choices and I know they will be beautiful too.
Khristine Doiron has chosen The ABC's of Parenting, I am looking forward to seeing the progress on this one as well.
Everyone has chosen to step outside the box and experiment with colors, which is always a fun thing to do because you never know what you will come up with.

Happy Stitching! 
~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I am always late

Hello everyone!

I finally did it!  I started my Lizzie Kate.  And some of you are already finished but that is how I have always been so I am quite used to be behind haha!

I have chosen to stitch ABC's Of Parenting and so far I have a sweet little flower and half an "A".  I would have gotten more done but I had Walking Dead to watch with the boyfriend and it took priority over everything.  I even put the kids to bed a little early. Thankfully they are young enough that they don't really catch on to that yet hehe!

Thanks for letting me join along with all you lovely people.  The stitching so far has been gorgeous!!  

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

SAL Day One Progress

I know, I said I was planning to start this SAL on Monday. But seeing Bekka finish hers yesterday plus the fact that I had a finish myself today, I decided to start a day early. I didn't get a whole lot done, since I started kinda late in the day, but here's my progress.

Sorry for the terrible photo, but it's dark here and my lighting is useless. As you can see, I finished the roof, the house, and the door, plus worked on the grass. I'm not sure about the house color. It's easier to see in real life, but I'm still not sure. I wish I had a creamier color, but alas, I don't. I also had put in one window, but the color I was using was all wrong, so I frogged it. Not sure yet what is going to go in its place. But, not bad for only a short amount of stitchy time. I think I can probably have this done in two more days (the Stitch Maynia Election SAL starts tomorrow, so I'll be juggling both projects). I'm loving seeing everyone else's work on this. This was a great pattern choice.

Lizzie Kate SAL Day 3

Well now looking at everyone's choices of colors I am in awe of the talent. Such inspirations in stepping outside the box when it comes to choosing colors. I'm  not that good yet to mix and match colors but I do try.
 I am truly enjoying seeing everyone's work.
 I decided on last minute color changes for the house, which I have a tendency to do that as I am stitching.
For the roof. I chose DMC 829
House DMC 3823
Windows. I had to add a little sparkle to this one DMC 924 (1 strand) + DMC Light Effects E825 ( 1 strand) Blue Sapphire
Door - Sparkle there as well - DMC 309 Dark Rose (1) + DMC Light Effects (1) E815 Ruby Red
Now for the pics - I was trying to catch the sparkle.......

Do you see the theme I created?
Grass - DMC 470 (1) + DMC 989 (1)

I am looking forward to stitching with everyone in the next 2 SALs that are  lined up....... ;)

Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~

Saturday, October 22, 2016

In the End, It All Worked Out

Heya Stitchy Friends!

Well, after some silk related challenges and a little bit of tweaking lighter colours with cotton hand dyes, Cross Stitcher in Residence is complete!!💗

The picture does not do it justice. The silks are so shiny I was finding it very challenging to get a proper pic lol. In true form I adore the shine of the silk and the softness of the colour palette I chose. I used a variety of Mo's Sale Silks and Cottons:
Cross: Silks in Cupcake
Stitcher: DMC Variegates in 4215
House: Silks in Peep
Roof: Silks in Johanna
Windows: blend of DMC 4215 and Silks in Parade
Door: Silks in Northport
Treetops: Silks in Vicki
Stumps: Silks in Bread
Grass: Silks in Easter Grass
In Residence: Blend of Mo's Silks in Easter Egg and Cotton in Bahamas 
Large Stitches Top & Bottom: Silks in Northport

I have adored stitching this little piece and I cannot wait to see what we are stitching next!! 

Happy Stitching Dearies!!

💗Becca xoxo


Lizzie Kate SAL - Prepping

Hi everyone! Heather Stitches here! I'm excited to start this SAL with everyone! I'm planning to officially start on Monday, October 24th. But in the meantime, I saw Bekka's wonderful post on her idea to stitch her project in silks. I love that idea! So I'm blatantly stealing it! #ImSoOriginal

So I dug out my long neglected Mo's Silks (last used in August 2015) and started to play with colors. I've tentatively picked these beauties:

Cedar (for the grass)
Mojito (for the leaves on the trees)
Walnut (for the trunk of the trees)
Ecru (for the house)
Cyclamen (for the door)
Cornucopia (for the windows)
Mocha (for the roof)
Blue Hawaiian (for the lettering)

Also, I'm really not feeling the charm, so I think I'm gonna replace it with something else. What, you ask? No idea. I'll figure that out later. (^_^)

Other stats: I'm going to be stitching this on MCG Textiles 28ct Antique White evenweave (fancy, I know. Don't be jealous of my $3 fabric). I will be stitching two over two.

Silly Silks & Vivacious Variegates: A Stitchers' Best Laid Plans Awry

Heya All!

It's definitely feeling like fall here today. The leaves are changing and it has not stopped raining for 3 days. A perfect day for stitching. 

I was having fun picking out colours for our LK SAL and I found at one point it was almost overwhelming. Being a creature of habit when it comes to my stitching, this chickie has been questioning her choices in floss. 

I started off with Mo's Silk in Cupcake, a variegated pink and white. I love this colour and my hope was that it would pop on the Egg Shell Blue fabric....I am still not convinced. Perhaps I should of cosidered the punch in colour, or lack thereof, when you go from 6 to 2 strands for actually stitching. Alas, I desided that after I stitched "Cross" I would change it up for "Stitcher", and I did. I used a DMC variegated cotton in colour 4215. A beautiful variegation of purples, blues, and pinks. Now I'm wrestling with whether or not to invite the Frog over to remove the Cupcake. I like continuity, but perhaps it's ok for me to let go of my need for congruency in my stitching?

So my stitchy buddies, I put it to you, any thoughts on how this is looking so far?

Happy Stitching 
💗Becca xo

On a side note, the silks have been twiddled/Twisted in little hanks and have been driving me a wee bit mental when I'm stitching. Apparently they want to stay twisted. Cannot beat that beautiful sheen though lol. 

Oh the first World problems of us stitchers lol! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

LK SAL Day 1: A Start with Silks

Heya all!! This is my first blog post....ever!!!!😃

I am really looking forward to being a part of this SAL!! I am a huge fan of Lizzie Kate patterns! Thanks so much Christie (a.k.a. East Coast Stitcher) for inviting me along!!

I will be utilizing cottons and silks from my stash. I love Mo's Sale floss and found some bright, beautiful colours to stitch with on 28 ct. Eggshell Blue Jobelan. I typically stitch using required threads however, with LK's there is definitely room to be flexible with colours. Anyone else going off the floss grid on this one??😉




Welcome from East Coast Stitcher

I personally would like to welcome Bekka Stitches , Heather Stitches and Khristine Doiron to this SAL.
This is the 2nd SAL I have organized and I am so very happy to have all of you  join in with me. I do hope that everyone enjoys stitching Lizzie Kate Designs. I am looking forward to seeing what and how everyone is doing. Details Details please as I love to be enabled. This is my 1st Lizzie Kate design and hopefully soon I will own my 1st Mirabilia. I will be stitching " Cross Stitcher in Residence " on Light Blue 14 count Aida. using DMC threads with DMC Variations #4045 for the trees. I may blend 2 different greens for the grass. 1 is DMC 470 and I think I will use DMC 471.

Thank you so much Ladies for joining me on this journey. Have fun! Happy Stitching!

Much Love
Christie G. aka East Coast Stitcher

The Cross Stitchers/Bloggers/Flosstube Community Lizzie Kate SAL

Welcome to the 2016-17 Lizzie Kate SAL We are pleased to have you here. You choose your chart, fabric and threads. Share your progress as you go along and post your finished piece. You can join at any time. This is a laid back kinda SAL, no pressure, no deadlines. I hope that you enjoy your time here. Happy Stitching! 
123Stitch currently has Lizzie Kate patterns on sale.
Lizzie Kate