Saturday, October 22, 2016

In the End, It All Worked Out

Heya Stitchy Friends!

Well, after some silk related challenges and a little bit of tweaking lighter colours with cotton hand dyes, Cross Stitcher in Residence is complete!!💗

The picture does not do it justice. The silks are so shiny I was finding it very challenging to get a proper pic lol. In true form I adore the shine of the silk and the softness of the colour palette I chose. I used a variety of Mo's Sale Silks and Cottons:
Cross: Silks in Cupcake
Stitcher: DMC Variegates in 4215
House: Silks in Peep
Roof: Silks in Johanna
Windows: blend of DMC 4215 and Silks in Parade
Door: Silks in Northport
Treetops: Silks in Vicki
Stumps: Silks in Bread
Grass: Silks in Easter Grass
In Residence: Blend of Mo's Silks in Easter Egg and Cotton in Bahamas 
Large Stitches Top & Bottom: Silks in Northport

I have adored stitching this little piece and I cannot wait to see what we are stitching next!! 

Happy Stitching Dearies!!

💗Becca xoxo



  1. Your needle was on fire today! Great finish!

    1. Thank you💗 It was definitely flying today!! Such a fun little piece to stitch!!😊 I cannot wait to see your finish!!

  2. I love the colors so much!! I picked out my fabric this morning and fingers crossed that I get mine started today :)