Sunday, October 23, 2016

SAL Day One Progress

I know, I said I was planning to start this SAL on Monday. But seeing Bekka finish hers yesterday plus the fact that I had a finish myself today, I decided to start a day early. I didn't get a whole lot done, since I started kinda late in the day, but here's my progress.

Sorry for the terrible photo, but it's dark here and my lighting is useless. As you can see, I finished the roof, the house, and the door, plus worked on the grass. I'm not sure about the house color. It's easier to see in real life, but I'm still not sure. I wish I had a creamier color, but alas, I don't. I also had put in one window, but the color I was using was all wrong, so I frogged it. Not sure yet what is going to go in its place. But, not bad for only a short amount of stitchy time. I think I can probably have this done in two more days (the Stitch Maynia Election SAL starts tomorrow, so I'll be juggling both projects). I'm loving seeing everyone else's work on this. This was a great pattern choice.


  1. Great start! I love how the roof looks :)

  2. I think it looks lovely Heather! I love that you were inspired to start sooner😃.
    I had some challenges with my silks as they were very fair on my fabric. So, I actually stitched over my stitches with one thread in a something a bit more prominent instead of frogging. I know we aren't a fan of that frog ladies, I am really not a fan of frogging silks so I fudge it lol does this make sense? In my piece I stitched with one thread over the windows, the door and all the teal letters in the "in residence" part. It surprisingly worked out.