Saturday, October 22, 2016

Silly Silks & Vivacious Variegates: A Stitchers' Best Laid Plans Awry

Heya All!

It's definitely feeling like fall here today. The leaves are changing and it has not stopped raining for 3 days. A perfect day for stitching. 

I was having fun picking out colours for our LK SAL and I found at one point it was almost overwhelming. Being a creature of habit when it comes to my stitching, this chickie has been questioning her choices in floss. 

I started off with Mo's Silk in Cupcake, a variegated pink and white. I love this colour and my hope was that it would pop on the Egg Shell Blue fabric....I am still not convinced. Perhaps I should of cosidered the punch in colour, or lack thereof, when you go from 6 to 2 strands for actually stitching. Alas, I desided that after I stitched "Cross" I would change it up for "Stitcher", and I did. I used a DMC variegated cotton in colour 4215. A beautiful variegation of purples, blues, and pinks. Now I'm wrestling with whether or not to invite the Frog over to remove the Cupcake. I like continuity, but perhaps it's ok for me to let go of my need for congruency in my stitching?

So my stitchy buddies, I put it to you, any thoughts on how this is looking so far?

Happy Stitching 
💗Becca xo

On a side note, the silks have been twiddled/Twisted in little hanks and have been driving me a wee bit mental when I'm stitching. Apparently they want to stay twisted. Cannot beat that beautiful sheen though lol. 

Oh the first World problems of us stitchers lol! 


  1. I love the choices. I would keep Cross Stitcher as is. Happy Stitching!

  2. Thank you lovely!💗 Took your advice as you may have noticed😉

  3. I know you have already finished this but I like the words in 2 different colors. I think that is a great choice :)

  4. I'm happy that you like the way it turned out. It is certainly beautiful. Happy Stitching!