Monday, January 30, 2017

Progress on All Is Calm

   It seems that I have taken on more than I thought that I might. I've even managed to get around my husbands frown of working on different projects. I'm learning to plan my time better.
   I'm actually stitching 3 ornaments. Which have my first two weeks devoted strictly to them. I have a Sunday Church project that is coming along well.
   After I finish those first 2 ornaments I will stitch the 3rd while my husband is at work in February. Sunday evenings, and once he is home will be devoted strictly to my big project.
   In March I'll change things up a little.
   It's the end of the month,  and in some ways I feel like I haven't stitched much on All Is Calm. But then I realized that I only stitched on it for one week. My migraine took up the first week that I had intended to stitch. I've noticed that pictures do seem to help me see how much I've actually accomplished.
   I often find myself taking a picture at 1 am before heading to bed. I've claimed the only light in the room to stitch by, so I'm afraid they are a bit dark, and with a blue tinge thanks to the light on my phone. Here are my Before and After pictures.  


  1. I think you made wonderful progress! Migraines ruin my stitching sometimes too. No fun!

  2. Beautiful progress. Do as much as you think you can handle. It'll work out :) I'm looking forward to seeing more progress when it's time to rotate it again. Happy Stitching! xxx ~East Coast Stitcher~

  3. It's lovely watching how this is coming together,nice progress.

  4. Thank you ladies. I lived with migraines and headaches when storms roll through for years. After having some major surgery about 12 yrs ago they suddenly stopped. Something changed 3 yes ago and they are slowly returning. I'm hoping that they never come back like they were. Stitching has really been helping my blood pressure. It doesn't totally replace the medications I can't take anymore, but it's great therapy!
    Seeing progress feels good for multiple reasons.

    1. It is so good to hear that stitching is helping you. They say stitching is therapy and I do believe that. It does help calm and sooth you :) Happy Stitching! xxx