Thursday, January 12, 2017

SAL Beginnings

Hi Everyone!

    This is my first ever SAL! It's also my first time ever contributing to a blog. Hopefully I learn quickly.

My plans this year:

    My primary focus All Is Calm by James A. Meger. It isn't a new start, but hope to make some major progress this year.
    My Secondary focus is my Hot Cocoa Snowmen Ornament Set by Joan Elliot. I finished the first 4 last year.  This year my goal is to finish the set for myself. Then stitch sets for my children. My goal is to try stitching 2 a month.
    I've had my 1st finish for the year. Which is the 5th in the set.
    I'm on my way with both!

      Happy Stitching!


  1. All is Calm is a beautiful project! And I thought you only had 1 snowman left, I didn't realize you were stitching the set again and again! Or maybe I do remember hearing that before... haha! Anyway great goals!

    1. I figure that restitching the set is a long range goal. I have 5 kids, but will be doing a couple of extra sets for a couple other kids that like to call me Mom.

  2. Thanks! I am now a part of two SAL'so. I now have 3 ornaments to stitch a month. 2 from the Hot Cocoa Snowmen Ornament set, and 1 from a 12 Days of Christmas set. So I'm really going to be busy. Good thing the ornaments only take a few days each, leaving at least a week for my All Is Calm project.

    1. Post are looking good! If you have any more problems let me know :) Sounds like you are going to stay very busy. I'm looking forward to seeing updates. :) Happy Stitching!