Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Ornament - Iced Mocha Snowman

   I've finished stitching the Iced Mocha Snowman ornament. It's the last of my Hot Cocoa Snowmen Ornament Set created by Joan Elliot.
   This set was fun to stitch. Fully finishing will need to wait till we get caught up on bills. So this group will be put into my finishing box with some other projects that still need a little something.
   May frogs stay far away. Hugs and XXX's!


  1. Looking good! Congrats on the finish! Same question as Khristine- What's next?

  2. I'm presently stitching 2 Turtle Doves for my other SAL, but I have a few more sets of these ornaments to stitch for my family. I'm also pulling thread for my Mira for March.

    1. ooo Nice! What will you be stitching for our Mira March SAL?

  3. Well done it looks lovely. Yes what will you do next. x