Friday, March 31, 2017

March - All Is Calm Progress

   I skipped this in February. I did stitch an ornament, but not this. Life has a way of laughing at the plans that we make. That's ok. Last night it hit me just how silly the pressure that I was putting on myself was. I give others with chronic health issues a huge break, but not myself?  Absolutely silly. I'm actually doing pretty good!  I need to applaud myself more often.
   This month I had thought that I would spend more time stitching on this, but I made a promise to myself. I'm going to try to keep it. I don't know if I'll finish my Snowman Ornament for this month, but I can do my best.
   I don't remember exactly which day I pulled this out, and I didn't stitch every day. I spent time with my husband, and getting used to my new compression stockings. My legs are definitely feeling better. The pain and soreness is starting to pass. Soon I may even tell how much fat has accumulated on my calves, and not just edema.
  I digress with life again. LOL! This month I'm not going to include all of my progress pictures. I thought that I would  just share my starting, and stopping points. I'm happy with how much I was able to do.
   See you soon with this month's  Snowman Ornament. I hope that you are are all well. Or at least well enough and happy.

              XX'S  - Renee'  aka  Creating Beauty Mrs S


  1. We are all too hard on ourselves and should give ourselves a break more often. Last year, all year I had all kinds of deadlines with my stitching and by the end of the year I was done with that. Now I just get done what I get done and I am enjoying it so much more. I hope you are able to find something that works well for you :) And you really made super progress on this!

  2. I agree with Khristine, we all are sometimes and we need to sit back and think why are we??? I think if we put too much pressure on ourselves our hobbies, tasks and every day living becomes too much. Take one day at a time and make the best of each day, If it gets done it will get done. I've had to stop myself numerous times from being so hard on myself. I want , no need to enjoy life and my hobby and so should you.. Give yourself a break and enjoy your hobby... I do hope things get better for you and as always I love seeing progress pictures.. Happy Stitching! xxx