Friday, May 12, 2017

Mira March Update 5-22-2017

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you well. I've been stitching but work as usual has been very busy... First up as noted in the community I started another project and once again it's a Cardinal. Love love love cardinals... This is by Tempting Tangles called Cardinal's Yuletide Song..
The little red block of color to the right is the bird. I haven't stitch much since that a couple of days ago, I went back per my rotation to Deepest Love. I have finally finished her fin. I am working my way back up from there... So without further ado my update so far.

Happy Stitching and may you have smokin' needles....

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mira March update 5-2-2017

Hello all, I hope this finds everyone doing well. Another late post as I have worked quite a few days straight in a row. Busy season is upon us here near the East Coast...
     I wanted to show an update on Deepest Love and show a new start. Still working on her fin but I feel I am making good progress if I can just stick with it and not to tired to stitch... Here is where I am so far...
I stopped on this briefly to start up another project that was gifted to me by +Bekka Stitches , my Sweet Stitching Sister knows how I love Cardinals, when I seen this I had happy tears as it made my otherwise rough day better. I am very thankful for all of you in the stitching community who follow, encourage and advise me when needed. So without further ado here is Crimson Cardinal progress
Happy Stitching and May you have Smokin' Needles....xxxx