Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7-5-2017 Frogging Episode :(

First off I hope that everyone is doing well and you have enjoyed following our blog so far. Lots and lots of progress is being made all around by everyone. +Khristine Doiron , +Creating Beauty Lady Stitcher , +Bekka Stitches  to name a few have had smokin' needles. I love seeing their progress...

Unfortunately I have been unable to post as much as I want due to busy season at work. I am trying to stitch when I can and have made some progress on Deepest Love only to find some mistakes and have a major frogging session last night. I WAS up to the halfway point of the pattern when 2 of the outer ribbons were getting too close together. I found the mistakes a little too late and had to frog the entire outer ribbon and seaweed. I've restarted the ribbon and am counting at least 3 times as I stitch... She is just too beautiful to fudge up. I want her right or it will haunt me when I look at it.... So here's some progress. The mistakes and frogging I have done...
Middle ribbon too close to outer ribbon. The whole outer ribbon was removed as well
Frogging the seaweed first
Next up the restart...

Until next time. Happy Stitching and may you have smokin' needles..

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  1. I hope the second time stitching that ribbon goes super fast!